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Brampton Fire and Emergency Services Headquarters & Training Centre

This new headquarters and training facility will bring several departments of Brampton Fire together under one roof.


The Plan

The design of this 68,437 sq. ft. facility was executed through Integrated Design Team meetings with all stakeholders present and working to achieve a holistic design that complements all end users. Through this process and using lean design, we found efficiencies in shared spaces and reduced the size of the facility by nearly 40,000 sq. ft. The design initiative produced a “Community” building that promotes the interaction of all staff, and the ability to work freely in the facility.

Brampton Fire and Emergency Services Headquarters construction, salter pilon architecture, Williams Parkway Fire Campus



The Process

The project is being delivered in two phases. The first is split into a Phase 1A for site works and foundations, and Phase 1B for the three-storey facility. Phase 1A is required as an existing Fire Station is located on the site that need to be worked around until revised site circulation can be provided. Phase 2 of the project will incorporate Outdoor Training Props that will support the Training Department.


The Headquarters

with Occupancy in November 2022, the new Brampton Fire and Emergency Headquarters & Training Centre is now being used as pride of place by Brampton Fire.  The complex features some stunning interior touches with modern office spaces and training classrooms.